PC Game Programming Explorer


The Best Advanced How-To Book Software, Runner-Up, Tenth Annual Computer Press Awards, 1994!!

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I just wanted to take the time and thank you for writing a wonderful game programming book ( PC Game Programming Explorer ). Your prose is clear, and the layout of your book allowed me to easily pull resources out if it and place within my code. ... Are there any other books out there that you have written? If so, I would like to read more... -- Joey B Cato
...I was never one to grasp vagueness... your book was quite clear. -- Vito Miliano
I am enjoying your book. It is very clear and gets to the heart of what is needed to write a PC game. Very nice. -- Nick Shulgach
Congratulations of your excellent game programming book. -- Joshua Shipsey
I love your book, PC Game Programmer Explorer... -- Jean-Noel
Great book. -- Y. Lazarovitch
Thanks again for a great book! -- Jim Twombly
I am attending a class at the University of North Texas in Denton. Our instructor... has recomended your book for the class... -- Jacob Holcomb