PC Game Programming Explorer


Alien Alley

PC Game Programming Explorer contains 28 programming projects. Each project is designed to illustrate a key game programming technique or principle using real code. The projects culminate with a full action arcade game, Alien Alley. Alien Alley includes full-color animation, scrolling backgrounds, music, and sound effects.

To see exactly where PC Game Programming Explorer will take you, download a copy of Alien Alley right now.

About the Code

All PC Game Programming Explorer example programs are written in C and are liberally commented. Some in-line assembly language is used in routines that need a bit of extra speed. Where assembly language is used, equivalent C code is included in a comment to assist novice assembly language programmers understand its function.

All code compiles with Borland C 3.1 and higher. The code is also known to compile under Borland Turbo C for DOS but the user will have to recreate project files; the Borland C project files supplied on disk are incompatible with Turbo C.