PC Game Programming Explorer

By Dave Roberts

Best Advanced How-To Book Software, Runner-Up, Tenth Annual Computer Press Awards, 1994!!

Have you ever played a cool, fast-action video game on your PC and wondered how it was created? How'd the programmers write the animation code, wire the joystick, or put in the dazzling sound effects and music? With PC Game Programming Explorer, you'll find the answers to your game programming questions and you'll get the tools you need to quickly launch your own games.

You'll learn:

This is the book for programmers who are tired of writing practical programs like databases or text editors. PC Game Programming Explorer takes readers inside the world of PC game programming and reveals the essential techniques to make game programming easy and fun. Each topic is presented in a series of short programming projects, culminating with the construction of Alien Alley, a vertical-scrolling space-shooter, complete with graphics, animation, music and sound effects!